Treviso - Italy



Good morning,

further to our previous communication, we would like to confirm that the 39th World Scout and Guide Collectors Meeting has ben moved from May 22-24 to December 4-6, 2020.
This change will be effective only if Covid Pandemia will be ended and situation will be back to normality. Of course what we can do now is to reschedule the Event, and... cross our fingers. In case we will not be able to hold the Meeting in December, it will be definitively cancelled.

Here the new agenda:

Friday December 4th:
- afternoon: arrival, registration and preparation of tables/swap area.
- evening: free dinner, we will offer a list of restaurants and a list of people already arrived, in case we want to manage some dinner together, informally.

Saturday December 5th:
- from 8.00: arrival, registration and preparation of tables/swap area.
- 10.30: official opening of the 39th WSGCM.
- 18.00: closing of the swap area, moving to the place of Dinner.
- from 18.30: aperitiv, dinner, music, brotherhood evening.

Sunday December 6th:
- 10.00: opening of the swap area.
- 13.00: official closing moment of the 39th WSGCM.

We should also inform you that December 8th - Immaculate Conception for the Catholic Church - is bank holiday in Italy, therefore that weekend will be most probably a long weekend for our Country. Christmas Markets, special events, Winter activities will be organized in Treviso, Venice and all principal towns. Please consider this when you will think to reschedule your presence.

Few important notes:

1) For those of you who booked the night stay at the Scout Base: it is very important to RECONFIRM your presence and exact dates of arrival and departure. Priority will be given to those who had already booked. In case you will not attend the meeting anymore, or you will reduce your stay, we will refund the extra money. If you will stay more, we will ask you to compensate during the Meeting.

2) Hotel B&B confirmed that special price for the Event will be kept also for December. Please contact directly the Hotel to modify your reservation. They are also available to convert your reservation into a voucher or - in special cases to be agreed - to refund you. Please ask Hotel staff.

3) Those who asked to put their tent on the scout base park... will not do it ;-) so we ask you to contact the Organization Team to explore different possibilities: maybe some Scout Group can guest you in treviso, upon request.

3) Please reconfirm also your presence to the dinner and your table reservation for the swap area.

4) Beginning of December is usually not so cold in Treviso, with temperature around 5-10°C during the day, and around 0°C during the night, with quite high humidity but usually no rain.

For any other question, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you very much for your attention! The AICoS Team really is looking forward to seeing you in Treviso in December, and to live our Meeting with the same enthusiasm and ... a good glass of Prosecco to celebrate together!

Giorgio, Andrea, Igor, Valerio

Welcome on the new web site of AlCoS, the Italian Badgers Club! 
Our Association was born on May 13th, 1990 thanks to the efforts and the good will of some Scouters, Collectors, who were al-ready members of similar foreign Clubs. Since the real beginning AICoS associated members from different Scout and Guide As-sociations, from Italy and abroad. 
In few years, initial 10 members became 50, then 100... and then more, all united in collecting everything related to the Scout & Guide Movements, respecting the Scout Promise and Law. 
As it is clear from our Statute, we are not a Scout Association, but we are an Association of Scouts... and we work to guarantee our members a meeting point to share knowledge, culture, news on Scouting and Guiding in Italy and worldwide. 
This mission is accomplished by promoting exhibitions, events, swaps, and through the Magazine "Il Pellicano Pataccaro", edited every 2 months. 
We have our own Scout Shop, which distributes several interesting materials at fair price, open to members only.


Thanks to all for the cooperation.



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